No Tax Prosperity

Brainwashed world & all politicians believe we need taxes to pay for state expenses – NHS, DWP, Police, Defense Social Services etc!
Not true! Tax is an injustice poor & rich!

Tax is the vile guise of Capitalism.
Tax is due if you work, earn, sell or profit.
Billionaires do not; so no tax is due, nor paid.

Lawful billionaires are not taxed by HMRC!
Absentee corporations 
are not taxed by HMRC!
Absentee billionaires are not taxed by HMRC!
Un-lawful, honest workers are taxed by HMRC!
Capitalist Tax cause inflation, unemployment, cuts to NHS Police, economic collapse & ruin!
Capitalist Tax is endorsed by all parties – Tories, Communists & shame, shame UK Labour Party!
Jeremy Corbyn must end Capitalist Tax & give all UK rich & poor a human right to work, earn, sell & profit with no tax to pay – a key feature of
Collateral Wisdom – Instant Prolific Prosperity.
CPF – Collateral Protection Fee – is paid for protection of £10 million+ collateral by police, military, defense, NHS & DWP – loot prevention.
CPF is a simple %age of one’s collateral.
Collateral under £ 10 million – CPF is 0% 
Collateral exceeds £ 10 million  CPF is 10%
Collateral exceeds £ 100 million  CPF is 15%
Collateral exceeds £ 1 billion CPF is 20%
CPF applies to residents and non-residents.


Does £90+ trillion collateral state pay CPS?
Answer: Yes, the max needed for UK budget!
However in one year with Instant Prolific Prosperity, gigadron technology inventor Michael is worth £5 trillion and will pay a CPF of £1 tn for entire UK budget, with no objectors?
How is UK’s Land Real Estate Value calculated?
London House Land  exceeds £400 per sq ft.
Scotland House Land exceeds £150 per sq ft.
UK Nation’s Land area is 2.6 trillion sq ft.
Using a low average land value say £35/sq ft,
UK Land Equity is £35 x 
2.6 trillion = £92 trillion

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Michael aged 17 invented Collateral Wisdom .
has green gigadron electric power generation to supplant national grid, fracking, wind, solar, sea, coal, gas, oil & nuclear energy, gigadron VTOL airliners – supplants HS Rail,   gigadron thermo-hydraulic 300mpg cars and free lush greeen rich dessert cities to welcome homeless & stop wars. Safe drug-free cures for cancer & many more free medical cures for degenerate diseases plus user friendly new low cost technologies to make our planet an enjoyable place to live in –

©Collateral Wisdom™ is the Intellectual Property of Michael V. Rodrigues, for UK Treasury use with permission & fee of 1% of UK’s Land Collateral Equity Released.

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