Tax Free Freedom

At conference JC forecast a gifted UK Inventor will help put an instant end to:
capitalist tax /human rights in-equality, nuclear weapons/energy & austerity.
UK Inventor Michael‘s Asset Wisdom attains all aims of calm/popular JC .

No Austerity:
£90 trillion UK Land to back GB £
huge sustainable real money for NHS, DWP, Social Services, Police, non-nuclear defence / min cost clean energy! 

Human Rights Equality
tax free freedom to work, earn, build, invent, mass produce sell & profit without NIC, Income tax, VAT, Corp & Profits tax for workers & Real Rich.
Win, win benefits for all UK, including real rich & workers;
real rich become tax free without tax avoidance, tax havens or being tax exiles.
Tax free
real rich business provide jobs & prosperity for workers & all UK!
Workers enjoy
tax free pay rises from no NIC, Income Tax nor VAT to pay.

No Austerity, No Nuclear Weapons/Power Stations
– back GB £ with £90tn UK Land (not BoE un-backed paper £) gets huge unlimited, real money for NHS, DWP, Social Services, Police, non nuclear defence & green Gigadron energy technology.
CPF Collateral Protection Fees provide surplus revenue from multi billionaires!

UK Capitalist Tax Law will shock Labour members who think they are Socialist?
UK Capitalist Tax
it’s unlawful to work, earn, sell or profit – penalty/fine to:
work – NIC, earn – income tax, sell – VAT, profit – profit or corporation tax.
Tax is a capitalist tax
Capitalist tax
exempts/rewards rich & penalises workers/low paid.
HMRC rewards/exempts tax avoidance rich (law abiders) with zero tax to pay.
HMRC heavily penalises workers/low paid (law breakers) with high tax to pay.
as their income/profit is nil & family/share holders are in tax havens.

£90 trillion UK land backed GB£ gives tax free freedom to all!
2) Is tax is the only source of state revenue?  No! GB£ backed
£90 trillion UK Land is a huge unlimited sustainable resource!
2a) What culture is tax? Tax is a capitalist culture viz capitalist tax! 2b)
What is tax? Tax is a fine charged if one break UK tax law.
One breaks UK tax law if one works, earns, sells or profits.
Paying tax does not absolve salary serial tax law breakers. 

3) Why is capitalist tax a travesty & injustice? Because only only salaried workers 
pay tax; The no salary rich are exempt!
4) Does cap tax reward rich legal tax avoidance? Yes, definitely!
5) How do the rich avoid paying capitalist tax? Simple!
Rich don’t work, earn, sell or profit, so no tax is due – UK Tax Law.

6) Do HMRC / capitalist tax law reward the very rich? Definitely!
HMRC rightly do not tax law abiding
 rich greens & ashleys!
HMRC do not tax law abiding absentee rich & corporations!

HMRC rightly do tax salaried – tax law breaking workers in UK!
7) Which party supports capitalist tax? All parties support capitalist tax, Tories, SNP, Communists and 
Labour Party?
At Sept 2016 Labour conference all speakers & shadow chancellor support capitalist tax which robs only salary workers & not rich.
Congratulation to re-elected Corbyn who must keep his pledge to end inequality – support tax free freedom for all UK!
8) Is capitalist tax cause of inflation, jobless & deficits? Definitely!
9) Do rich pay for state protection of huge estates? Presently no!

FAQs on Collateral Wisdom – the Tax Free Freedom Wisdom

10) Are there fees that the rich would gladly pay for protection of their huge estate  with collateral wisdom?  Yes!
CPF – Collateral Protection Fee
(not a tax) is collateral protection costs of policing, defence & loot less – NHS, DWP & Social Services.

11) How much & how is CPF paid?
CPF is paid as a simple %age of one’s collateral.

Collateral under £ 10 million – CPF is 0% – that’s over 99.9% of UK
Collateral exceeds £ 10 million  CPF is 10%
Collateral exceeds £ 100 million  CPF is 15%
Collateral exceeds £ 1 billion CPF is 20%
CPF applies to residents as well as non-residents.
CPF is not a tax as it is
 not based on income, purchases or sales.

12) Does £90+ trillion collateral state pay CPS?

          Yes, they pay what is needed for UK budget!

13) What is best benefit of no tax freedom instant prolific prosperity?
            In one year with no tax to pay, instant prolific prosperity, gigadron
inventor Michael will be worth £5 trillion, will gladly pay CPF of
£1trillion for entire
UK budget! with no tax payers to object?

14) How is
UK‘s Land Real Estate Value calculated?

London House Land prices exceeds £400 per sq ft.
In Scotland house land cost over £150 per sq ft.
UK Nation’s Land area is 2.6 trillion sq ft.
Using a low average land price value of say £35/sq ft,
UK Land Equity is £35 x 2.6 trillion = £92 trillion

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Michael aged 17 invented Collateral Wisdom .
Michael has green inventions – gigadron electric power generation that supplants nuclear energy, national grid, fracking, wind, solar, sea, coal, gas, oil &. Gigadron VTOL airliners to supplant HS Rail.   Gigadron thermo-hydraulic 300mpg cars. Free lush green rich dessert cities to welcome world homeless & stop wars.
Safe free medical cures for cancer & many degenerate diseases plus user friendly new low cost technologies to make our planet a wonderful peaceful place to live in. Visit

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